Famous Ladies

by Famous Ladies

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No amount of bullets no amount of green no amount of secret serum is overtaking me I wished for tokens not lonesome guarantees and we charter all new faces and coin new policies It's a bit like Mozart met Thelma and Louise We sure are going places if we can ever find the keys I popped the cork out now it's hit and run so let's just share a toast for the race already won There's got to be a better way. There's got to be another way. There's got to be something You can say. It's not the first sound you know it's not the last all the empty hollow shatters broken bits of past And if it's pretty by god, man, fuck it up There's never been a limit there's no pleasing us It's a bit like David strung out on LSD We're sure operating on a static frequency I slid the knife in now it's time to bleed No amount of bullets no amount of green There's got to be a better way. There's got to be another way. There's got to be something You can say. No amount of bullets. No amount of green.
I finally found a cause for us to dance I just received photographic evidence The fix is in It's time to storm the castle It's time to make disguises It's time to break in I just found a reason for the party And I know what you can bring Slip a rag inside that bottle I know a song that we can sing The fix is in It's time to storm the castle It's time to make disguises It's time to break in You know just what to do (we want it)
This town, oooooh, it ain't worth your time And this town, ooooo, is something you've outgrown. But let me tell you something, This town once saved your god damned life. This town has always been on your side. This town, saved your heart and it saved your mind. This town, has become you. And don't you, don't you, forget it. And that town, oooooh, doesn't know you. And let me tell you something, You sound, oooooh, like this town. And that town, oooooh, is going to hate it. So don't leave, don't leave it, to the dogs.
I hate the way your'e loveless I hate that you don't care I hate waking up every god damned morning Knowing full well that you'll be there I hate that nothing here is changing I hate that I feel so fucking stuck I hate that you do all this pretending And I hate that I hate so god damned much Take me away I don't care the place There's a fire in my bones. Take me away I don't care my fate It's clear to me I don't have control No, no, no, no. I love the foggy twilight i love that there's places left to hid I love that there's thoughts I haven't thought yet I love that every story has more sides
Poor girl, she got thin again, holds a fistful of dirt over the casket Oh, how many left? How many friends? It's been a year since she checked out, once the doctor got her balance down Oh, how many friends? How many left? Poor girl, she got thin again, walks in the park near her apartment Oh, there's got to be a way of stopping everything Poor girl by the monument, deep in though now forming a plan Oh, forget all the past and simply exist But could it work? yes, yes. But don't change. Don't change your mind. She said: "I almost forgot myself. I almost forgot the sight and smells. I almost forgot how all these boulevards tangle together at night. How it's worth it just to walk. Just to discover yourself. On some street, in some club, underneath an expansive sky underneath the stadium lights or the illuminated smog the purple, the orange, the blue, all from billboards dancing across clouds of smoke that I made, and that you made, and at least we made something. Just when I thought I couldn't find my fingerprint anywhere I just remembered, I can't get them off. Off my books, off my windows, off the mailbox on the corner, off my guitar. And I'm sure I'll find your fingerprints too. I'll find the traces of everything we touched together and I acknowledge the connections that will never be seen The shared electrons, the pieces of your DNA now clinging to my sweater. Thank you. Thank you. I almost forgot myself."
Invoice 02:53
Hit the dirty pavement wanna hear your feet As they shuffle, shuffle, crossed all the city streets want the riot chants not the billboard charts and we can't see the finish cause we've yet to start Watch the fine print as it shrinks again We've been letting their ink blots box us it You want to be free? Occupy yourself. Claim your own stake in a common wealth. Don't let me thinks it's useless. Don't let me think it's hopeless. Or do you want crooks? Or do you want criminals?
Vampires 02:14
A brand new main attraction I'm hearing violins I'm lying in a coffin It's not long until it begins Come on now Hide out It's such a strange sensation The moonlight on my face It's not just the reflection But that it penetrates Come on now Grow fangs My new eternal memory Will not leave me alone It's haunting all the darkness Begging daybreak for my bones Come on now Drink blood A tired bored distraction I'm hearing dissonance I'm lying in a coffin It's not long now till it ends Come on now Grow fangs Come on, come on, come on, Hide out Grow fangs Drink blood
Shameless 06:02
You said, "that is my favorite of the shirts you wear" But I have learned not to have a favorite anything Let's let all things be nameless And people shapeless And then, let us only see what's left. Endless electric energy: shameless. Fuck superlatives, we're at war for our senses. My eyes are tied, my taste-buds tied. I don't want yellow knocking down my door, destroying other shirts. I want to see other shirts. I like to think my best shirt is still out there And what color might that be? And what color might you be? Everything is breaking, so will color still exist? Yes. Fuck you! See I'm not yellow. So am I everything? No. Fuck you! I am only this un-seeable with our broken eyes. So, no, no, I do not have a favorite bird. These are only names for sensory addictions. Tokens of our shared senselessness. Unprepared to cope with ideas so expansive. Unprepared to cope with ideas so expansive.


Recorded in February 2012


released September 4, 2012

Famous Ladies is:

Chris Sumner - vocals

Tory Miller - guitar, bass, piano

I. R. Jones - guitar

Andrew Cote - drums

Written, recorded, and mixed by Famous Ladies
with help from RT (onewordheadline.com).
Cover design by I. R. Jones

Young Hours Records, 2012.


all rights reserved



Famous Ladies Dover, New Hampshire

Rock Music
Based in Dover, NH

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